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Water Outages Map

The Outages Map provides water customers the geographical locations of scheduled water outages. This information is updated periodically during each business day. If you do not see your outage on the map after 1 hour and refreshing your browser, please report the outage by calling 262-6000.

How to use the Map:
Each red square indicates the location of a specific outage. Outages can affect one or more numbers of City of Wichita Utilities customers. 
Customers can drill down to an address using the 'Enter Address or Intersection' option located in the upper left side of the map. To drill down into a particular area of the map, double-click that area or use the zoom options located in the upper left side of the map. For Intersections, various formats and punctuation are acceptable as long as they are separated by 'and' or '&'. The City (Wichita) is required for all searches. Examples are: 

E 21st and N Rock Road, Wichita
Central and Main Wichita
Central & Topeka Wichita
W. 31st & Seneca, Wichita

Click the link below to view the map. 

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