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I don’t see an outage symbol over my home. Where’s my outage?
The map may not show an outage directly over your home or business even though you don’t have water. Outages can often affect many homes and businesses. You may, however, see an outage symbol near you; that is because we place the outage symbol near the location where the outage originates.

How can I tell when my water will be restored?
Click on the outage icon for your area to view more details about the outage, including estimated time of restoration (if known).

Why can't the map find my address?

Some new housing developments may take months to show up on maps.

How frequently is information updated?
The information on the map is updated several times a day as outages are reported and resolved. The map refreshes with new data on hourly.

I waited an hour but the data has not changed. Why?
The map refreshes with new data hourly, but you will only see the updated data if the map is moved or the browser is refreshed.

Is the outage map mobile friendly?
Yes, the outage map is mobile friendly and works with most iPhone and Android devices.

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